History of Schroth

barsHistory of Schroth

The Schroth method for scoliosis was begun in Germany in the 1920’s by Katharina Schroth after she, herself was diagnosed with scoliosis.  In the 1940’s, her daughter, Christa Schroth began to assist her mother and made advances in the techniques.  Dr. Hans Rudolf Weiss, the son of Christa Schroth, has taken the reins and continues to improve on his mother’s and grandmother’s body of work.  He has gone on to develop the Chêneau-Gensingen® brace that is compatible with the Schroth rehabilitation, can be devised to assist various curves and is reportedly more comfortable to wear than previously designed braces.  He has conducted and published much research for the advancement of conservative treatment in scoliosis.

Recently, Dr. Weiss has re-designed the Schroth Best Practice™ program. This is a variation of the older method but is simpler, more user friendly with less props and equipment and teaches patients to incorporate Schroth principles and corrections throughout the day during their regular activities.  This takes less time out of a busy day, which makes it easier to be compliant, and thus has increased impact and capacity to halt or decrease curves since correction is ongoing.

Dr. Marc Moramarco, a Chiropractor in Woburn, Massachusetts has been instrumental and passionate in bringing the Schroth method to the United States. He traveled to Germany in 2002 to learn the techniques in order to assist his own daughter with scoliosis when her treatment was not meeting with success.  He was the 1st U.S. Physician Certified in the Schroth method at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic in Germany and is now considered an advanced instructor in the newest Schroth Best Practice™ method.  He remains closely affiliated with Dr. Weiss for technique, teaching, research and bracing.  Dr. Weiss and Dr. Moramarco held the first United States Training Certificate Program in Schroth Best Practice™ in April 2015 and Ms. Nogee was one of 11 carefully selected practitioners from around the world to participate.