Picking a Practitioner

0721_trustWho Can You Trust?

Schroth Best Practice™ protocols are not part of most scoliotic instructional programs offered in the United States.  In order to practice and teach this approach a practitioner should be trained and certified in Schroth Best Practice™ as developed by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss.

Knowing who to trust can certainly be challenging.

Attempt to speak with or meet a prospective practitioner.  See if you get a feel for whether they have you or your child’s best interest at heart or if they are just operating a business.

Some guidelines to consider are:

     * Is your practitioner certified in Schroth Best Practice™?                          

     * Will the practitioner be working directly with you or your child or will they meet and greet and then oversee someone else?

     * Are activities of daily living for the specific curve included?

     * Are mobilizations included? 

     * Will you get one on one, undivided attention for all your entire sessions?

     * Are the exercises modified for each individual curve pattern?

     * Will you feel confident to perform each movement on your own when the training is complete?

     * Will you be provided with personal written instructions, pictures and DVD to take home to follow for support?

     * Can you have your x-rays taken independently and not immediately following following exercises for truest results?

Be extremely wary of any practitioner who gives guarantees.  Scoliosis is a precarious deformity and individuals will see varying results.

Freda Nogee, Physical Therapist, is the only trained and certified practitioner using this unique and exciting program in the New York area. She was carefully chosen to participate in the first United States training program given by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, grandson of Katharina Schroth, and Dr. Marc Moramarco, the first U.S. Physician Certified in the Schroth method at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic in Germany.  She also is the parent of two children with scoliosis so she understands both the personal and medical issues that arise.  Her heart is invested in giving her patients the very best tools and education in order to help them help themselves to make a difference in their curves and lives.  She welcomes all inquiries about the program but gives NO GUARANTEES,  even though she generally sees excellent results.