Goals of Schroth Best Practice™ and SCOLRX

The goals of a Schroth program for adolescents and adults with scoliosis are varied and many and include the following:

image_03b_dpusa227Spinal stabilization and better balance through improved stabilization

image_03b_dpusa227Halt curve progression while always striving for reduction

image_03b_dpusa227Prevent surgery

image_03b_dpusa227Improve lung capacity and rib mobility through corrective breathing and active rib mobilization

image_03b_dpusa227Relieve or reduce pain as a result of scoliosis

image_03b_dpusa227Increase postural awareness

image_03b_dpusa227Increase strength and flexibility

image_03b_dpusa227Improve cosmetic appearance

image_03b_dpusa227Learn to maintain corrections throughout daily activities

image_03b_dpusa227Educate in order to give each individual the knowledge and tools to manage their scoliosis for life