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       Scol-Rx was developed as a division of Physical Therapy Services in East Meadow, New York, in order to service Scoliosis patients with the best conservative treatment available. It was created to fill what was felt to be a great void in the New York area for quality, reliable, proven, proactive protocols to assist in halting curvatures of the spine.  Statistics  have shown that most curves progress when nothing is done. Therefore, the current practice of waiting to see what happens with a curve via x-rays at periodic intervals, especially with adolescents, is ineffective at best and can even be detrimental. Children and teens  with scoliosis can sacrifice their quality of life for many years with conservative treatment, so at Scol-Rx we feel it is our responsibility to offer high quality, effective treatment in the least amount of time.  Adults can suffer pain and poor cosmesis from scoliosis which can also be helped with a Schroth Best Practice™ program.   After extensive research and personal experience, Freda Nogee, Physical Therapist and director of Physical Therapy Services is convinced that Schroth Best Practice™ is the best, most comprehensive, easy to follow scoliosis program available for children and adults.  She has become the first practitioner in the ti-state area to be Certified in this technique.

       The Scol-Rx programs are currently operating out of East Meadow, NY which is in Nassau County and commuting distance to NYC. An additional office in Queens, NY is in the works.

Call : 516-652-7048 or Email:  Scolrx@gmail.com