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     What will my sessions be like?

You will work one to one with the same Schroth Best Practice Certified Therapist. You will increase self-awareness of postures that contribute to your scoliosis through the use of mirrors and movement feedback and you will be taught how to correct those postures on an ongoing basis. You will be taken through the proven 5-step program systematically and with understanding and repetition you will build upon each piece until you can perform all the steps independently. You will progress at your own rate. For more specifics see “What To Expect” page on this site.


  1. What should I wear at my sessions?

It is very important that your spine and shoulders are visible.

Females should wear a small sports bra or bathing suit top. A one- piece bathing suit with a low back is acceptable too. Sweat pants, yoga pants or shorts are recommended for your lower body.

Males should be shirt free and wear comfortable loose pants or shorts.


  1. How many sessions will I need?

This is individualized and will vary from person to person.  The number of sessions needed will depend upon the severity of your curves, how you are able to schedule, how quickly your body learns new loading patterns and how many consecutive hours your stamina holds up for. The modified program for smaller curves can be as short as 4- three hour sessions or may be as much as 8- two hour sessions. A full/comprehensive course can run 4-10 sessions. Adults often require less hours than adolescents.


     4. What if I have more than one child with Scoliosis? Do I have to pay full price for each?

Not if they can go through the program together. If they can attend sessions together there will be one additional fee to the one cost of the first program. This fee covers the second child’s individual evaluation, program, re-evaluation, and his or her own manual as well any additional supplies.


     5.  What insurance do you accept?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any direct insurance payment at this time.


     6.  Do I need a prescription or referral from a doctor?

You do not need a Doctor’s referral or prescription to take any of our Short Term Scoliosis Rehabilitation programs.  However, if you do not have one the program must be completed within 10 sessions or 30 days, whichever comes first, under New York’s Direct Access Law for Physical Therapy.  This is not a problem as learning Schroth is more effective when when done in its entirety, quickly.  Our courses are created in this format for everyone.


    7.  Will my insurance company reimburse me?

We certainly hope so and we will assist you as much as we can for you to obtain reimbursement.  However, please be aware that many insurance companies consider Schroth programs preventative and unfortunately may not cover them.   Since Scol-Rx does not accept any insurance as direct payment at this time it is your responsibility to find out how much you will be able to collect, if you are looking for reimbursement. Letters of Necessity from your or your child’s physician may be beneficial. We will always provide bills for you to submit. Many insurance companies still require medical prescriptions for reimbursement,What forms of payment do you accept?


   8. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash and credit cards. Some payment plans may be available upon request.


  9. Why do you require a 25% deposit up front?

When you sign up for a Schroth program a very large amount of time is reserved solely for you. Your deposit allows us to hold that time specifically for you and it shows us you are making a serious commitment. If you choose not to do the program all money will be returned if cancellation is made 5 days prior to your first scheduled appointment. If cancellation notice occurs within less than five days you may lose some or all of your deposit, depending upon how much of your scheduled time can be re-booked.