Why This Program?

Why You Are More Likely To Succeed With The Schroth Best Practice™ Program At SCOL-RXsuccess

1. The spine is approached in all 3 dimensions, not just one or two

2. The program is a 5 step process – not just a few breathing exercises

3. The program is taught one on one with undivided, individual attention and correction

4. The program is taught in blocks of time with several consecutive sessions –  so patients really come to understand their condition and get command of the exercises and postures necessary to be successful when on their own

5. One learns to correct during activities of daily living, so correction can occur continuously – not just at exercise time

6. Individualized movie, photo and printed instructions are provided at the conclusion of the program for easy, comprehendible, continued reference

7. We provide the tools to educate and empower patients to affect positive change in their curves themselves

8. Follow-up visits, phone and video chats are available as needed

9. We really care about you or your child and want you to be as successful as possible