What is Schroth?

Schroth is…


Schroth is a protocol of scoliosis specific exercises that uses asymmetrical or corrective rotational breathing techniques designed specifically for each curve pattern.  Corrective breathing is a primary factor in Schroth methodology.  The expansion of the lungs against the rib cage activates muscles attached to the spine and ribs and assists in derotating and deflexing  the spine by placing corrective forces where needed from within the body.  Schroth programs are designed specifically for each patient according to their specific curve patterns.  The exercises are combined with daily living activities and postures in order to constantly and consistently work on the spine in 3 dimensions – not just one or two.

The goals of a Schroth program are many and include teaching the ability to balance and stabilize the spine, halt curve progression, reduce curves when possible, relieve pain and increase chest expansion and vital capacity. Cosmetic appearance and psychological well being are also factors that are highly considered and can be positively effected. (See Goals.)

To be effective, exercise-based therapy for scoliosis must address the spine in 3 dimensions via active, not passive, exercise with auto-correction as a component. Schroth Best Practice™ exercises teach curve-pattern specific exercises for the correction of the spine in all three planes. The Schroth method three-dimensional approach also incorporates self-elongation and corrective breathing techniques as well as modifications for activities of daily living, making the Schroth Method Best Practice protocols the treatment of choice for conservative (non-surgical approach) scoliosis treatment and management.

Schroth Best Practice™ works to educate the patient and family and to teach and EMPOWER patients to self correct to the best of their ability. Schroth Best Practice™ should only be taught by practitioners certified in the Schroth Best Practice™ method. There are very few people with this certification in the U.S. and Canada.

While the treatment of scoliosis via Schroth methodology has been proven effective and generally yields excellent results, including reductions in curves, scoliosis deformity can be precarious and no guarantees can ever be made.  Individuals will see varying results. 

To find research on the effectiveness of conservative treatment for Scoliosis see Supporting Evidence for Schroth.

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