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Freda Nogee PT is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston University. She began her career in acute care and was Assistant Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at French Polyclinic Hospital in New York City. She moved on to become Director of Clinical Education at Booth Memorial Medical Center in Queens, NY, while carrying a full patient load.

Following her hospital experiences, Ms Nogee began Physical Therapy Services, a private practice where she treated adults and children with orthopedic and neurological disorders, back and neck pain, as well as acute injuries. Preventative medicine was always and remains an integral part of her services. Scheduling ample time for patient’s individual needs has also been extremely important to her. Included within her private practice Ms Nogee both performed and subcontracted home visits, became a consultant to several school districts and was contracted to work with infants in Early Intervention. She has provided the local community with various lectures on back pain, body mechanics and a seminar on coping with the effects of stress. In addition to still treating patients privately, Ms Nogee currently works at BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education) in Nassau County, NY where she uses sensory integration techniques combined with general physical therapy protocols to assist children on the spectrum to make the most out of their education. She is now focusing her energy on treating Scoliosis patients using Schroth Best Practice™. Look at the next page, Our Scoliosis Story, to find out how Freda got so involved in Scoliosis and Schroth.