What to Expect


As a Patient at Scol-Rx here is an overview of your experience:

1. Initial Visit and Evaluation – You will meet with Ms. Nogee to review your medical and scoliosis history including x-rays, Cobb angle(s), Risser sign, if appropriate, and prior experiences regarding your scoliosis and other health issues that may exist.  You will be given a full evaluation including visual inspection of curves, posture, head placement, shoulders, hips, pelvis, knees, ankles and feet from various aspects and angles.  Photos will be taken (but used solely for your personal reference and our files.) Tests of joint range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility will be administered. Readings of the Scoliometer (spinal rotation) and spirometer (lung functions) will be taken and compared to readings taken again at the end of the program.  Chest expansion will also be measured and gait patterns will be observed.

2. Anatomy Lesson – Your individual scoliosis will be discussed using models and other visuals so you can get an in-depth understanding of how the spine works in three dimensions and how you can begin to affect changes.  This is crucial as a precursor to mastering the concepts of the Schroth corrections, exercises and rotational breathing.

3. Instructions – You will be taught the concepts, postures and movements for Schroth Best Practice™ through mastery and repetition of  Physiologic, Activities of Daily Living and 3D Made Easy according to your individual curve or curves.  This will be followed with curve specific instructions in Schroth power exercises (rotational breathing and stabilization) if enrolled in the full or comprehensive program. Corrections will be taught in all three body planes – sagittal, frontal and transverse. You will be the only patient at your sessions and instructed, one on one, by Ms. Nogee – no assistants.  Session times will vary according to individual endurance and whether you are a local patient or coming from out of town and completing your course in a more condensed time frame.

4. Mobilizations – You will receive appropriate spinal and soft tissue mobilizations with some massage to assist you in this program. A family member or friend will be taught how to do this for you at home.

5. Home Manual – Digital photos and movies will be taken throughout the program documenting postures, exercises, mobilizations, positioning, ADL’s and what ever else you require in preparation of a completely individualized reference manual.  Your manual will also include written instructions for your continued use when on your own.

6. Follow up and Support – Depending on your program you can expect to receive one or two free follow-up visits either by video chat or in person, if convenient.  We also want to keep track of your progress so we really look forward to hearing from you via email as to how you are doing and what is happening with your curve on x-ray as well as cosmetically. We are always available to discuss difficulties and concerns if they arise.


 You can gain some control over your condition by enrolling in one of our programs.  Send an e-mail or give us a call for more information today.  

Waiting or doing nothing is your worst option!