Schroth Method Conservative Treatment For Scoliosis


SCOL-RX, at Physical Therapy Services, offers three dimensional, non-surgical treatment optionsColored-spine1 for scoliosis through the use of the Schroth Best Practice short term rehabilitation methods.  

The techniques used in these programs have been proven effective in halting curve progressions, reducing pain and even providing opportunity to reduce curves. Our  courses are customized for each patient according to their curve patterns and individual needs. Patients learn to self correct poor loading patterns of the spine and to easily integrate  these corrections throughout their day. This leads to increased compliance with improved results.  We help patients with mild, moderate or severe curves achieve their best potential. We enable scoliosis patients to help themselves.

This wonderful program has recently been updated for easier understanding and execution by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss (3rd generation Schroth family) and Dr. Marc Moramarco (1st practitioner  in the U.S. to be certified from Germany in the Schroth method.) 

At Scol-Rx we are extremely excited to be able to offer Schroth Best Practice Scoliosis Short Term Rehabilitation Programs. We are passionate that this is the best conservative treatment option for Scoliosis around.

WAIT AND SEE” should not be an
 option for anyone with Scoliosis. BE PROACTIVE!

Find out how this exercise program alone, or in conjunction with bracing, can make a difference in your or your child’s curves and IMG_0721life.  Please browse through this website for information. For additional questions you can call us  at 516-652-7048 or send an email inquiry to scolrx@gmail.com.  We welcome all questions and look forward to speaking with you.